Wide range experience spanned over 37 years in Egyptian Ministry of interior affairs and was a Brigade for more than 4 years as Deputy minister of interior for Egypt prisons. Work in challenging & competitive environment in different departments such as Supply & Finance and administration. Excels with strong communication and organizational skills. Robust leadership and team work characteristics with wide relations in Stationery and office Equipment supplying. Graduated from Academy of Police Egypt.

More than 39 years of practical experience in paper, stationery and office equipments. He worked as sales and marketing manager in many local institutions and then general manager of Al Kamel Paper Company, as well as in the UAE for more than twenty years and co-founded commercial and industrial companies working in the field of paper. During his years of experience, he has been able to provide unsurpassed services to his clients and has extensive relationships in Egypt and the GCC. He holds a law degree from the University of Assiut.

Extensive experience spanned over 24 years in different sectors such as Stationery supplying ,Financial, Marketing, Real-estate, Constructions and Investment industry. Managed to offer clients unsurpassed services and rich with strong leadership and team work attributes along with wide relations in Egypt ,GCC and Middle East. Exposed to numerous cultures and civilizations and which led to understand and contribute immensely in my practical life. Graduated from Assuit University, Egypt Faculty of Commerce Finance & Accounting.

Accumulated experience of more than 25 years in management, marketing and sales in the field of Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. He worked as a sales manager, then general manager in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Egypt, as well as general manager of Samsung Egypt Medical Supplies. During his years of experience, he was distinguished by the ability to plan, manage and achieve goals, .as well as provide a unique level of services to his clients. Graduated from Assuit University, Faculty of Commerce Finance & Accounting.